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Disappointing Draft

How this draft makes any sense for the Bulls is beyond me. Gar Forman failed miserably in his first draft as a GM. Can I start a petition to get John Paxson back please? Niether player makes the Bulls a better team, at least this year. In the long run I still don’t like either pick.

Let’s start with the 16th pick James Johnson. He’s 6”7’ and plays the 3 or the 4? He didn’t shoot the ball well from the college 3-point line. His best year was 32 percent and the NBA’s 3-point line is three feet longer. At the 4 spot I don’t think he’ll fair much better. He wasn’t a great defender at Wake Forest and being undersized doesn’t help his chances any. There are a few things he does have going for him. He’s a good passer with good ball handling skills for his size. Some people have said he’s kind of a point forward but how does that help the Bulls when they already have Derrick Rose. Another thing that scares me is that he showed up to workouts 15 lbs over-weight, that doesn’t show me much dedication to getting better when you’re a middle first round pick trying to improve your draft stock. I really don’t see how he fits in with the Bulls.

The 26th pick of Taj Gibson is much of the same. He’s 6”9’ 210 lbs and a decent athlete. To me he’s a poor man’s Tyrus Thomas. He’s already 24 and his potential doesn’t seem to be very high. He showed absolutely nothing in his last game as a Trojan. He fouled out while scoring three points. During his three years at USC Gibson showed virtually no improvement in his game. His stats across the board are similar in all three years.

All this talk about how the drafting of these two disappointing picks meaning the end for Tyrus Thomas is a joke. First of all Taj Gibson is older than Thomas! Gibson is not half the athlete Thomas is. Johnson is undersized at the 4. I’ve even read something where people think Johnson will overtake Deng. I think I’m going to leave that one alone because anyone who thinks that clearly doesn’t know basketball at all. The trade rumors surrounding Thomas should be surrounding our picks. Trade both of them for someone who can actually help us now or don’t sign either of them, let Gordon walk and get some real front court help. There are plenty of options out there this year. Carlos Boozer (if he opts out), Paul Millsap, David Lee (a double-double machine), Antonio McDyess, Chris Wilcox and David Bass would all be better options than the Bulls dud draft picks.

-Matt Fox


  1. The problem with this year's draft was that there was no other talent other than Blake Griffin. Rubio was the "sexy" pick, but who knows how well he'll perform in the NBA.

    Personally, I don't think Forman could had drafted any better.

    In regards to Deng, I disagree with your assessment. The Bulls drastically overpaid him and I think that if he was traded, the team's performance wouldn't suffer. After all, they gave the Celtics a run for their money (granted, KG was out) without Deng.

  2. Deng is still only 24 years old. If he can stay healthy he'll come back to form he was showing signs of that right before he got hurt. We still don't know if he will live up to that contract but he still has more than a few years to try to.

    Their were plenty of other options, they did nothing as insurance for when they lose Gordon. They could've went with a point guard to and had Hinrich back up the 2-spot.

  3. I agree with your assessment of the draft. The Bulls traded away Elton Brand who averaged 20 pts & 10 rebs per game and they haven't had a solid low post scorer since then. Not sure if either of the draft selections can fill this void but I guess the fans will have to wait and see