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Gordon Headed To The Detroit Pistons

Well it is now official. The Chicago Bulls have parted ways with shooting guard Ben Gordon as he accepted a five year $55 million deal from the Detroit Pistons. Two things about this strike me as being rather strange. The first is that as another writer on this site mentioned, Gordon once said that he loved the team, the city of Chicago, along with his teammates and that he would prefer to work out a deal with the organization where he would be able to return. However, Gordon and his agent jumped at the first offer that came along so one has to question the comments Gordon had made before. Another strange factor about this was the fact that Gordon was offered more money and an additional year from the Bulls prior to the beginning of last season which he turned down initially but then had a change of heart and wanted to accept but the Bulls pulled the offer from the table and it was too little too late. On the other side of the coin, it had been rumored by local media that re-signing Ben Gordon was a top priority of the organization and if that were the case, talks should have began immediately after the team was eliminated from the playoffs rather than waiting until the free agent period opened up. I don’t agree with spending an extraordinary amount of money on Gordon but if he was a top priority then the talks should have began sooner and maybe the Bulls may have had a chance to match the offer of the Pistons or any other suitors that would have been interested in acquiring Gordon’s services.

So the question is now, where does this leave the Bulls for the upcoming season? Well the emergence of John Salmons last year paid big dividends and hopefully he will be healthy by the time the season begins in a few months. He proved to be just as a consistent scorer as Gordon (which I forgot to mention in a previous posting), and should prove as a solid compliment to Derrick Rose’s slashing game which would provide a formidable backcourt on both ends of the floor. Also, let’s not forget about Heinrich and Deng, who both spent a good portion of the season out with injuries so having them back at full strength will make them a deeper team as well. What the team still lacks is a double-double low post scorer something they haven’t had since Elton Brand’s rookie season a decade ago. While Brad Miller provides a decent mid-range game offensively, somewhat of a defensive presence inside and can pass as well as any big man in the league, he only has a couple of good years left in him at best and I’m not sure their two draft picks will sufficiently fill this hole but I could be wrong.

The Bulls will more than likely miss Gordon’s offensive game as he was capable of carrying the team in stretches and had the uncanny ability to put up a lot of points in stretches. However, I think Chicago has enough pieces in place though that will help them to keep moving forward and quite possibly become an even better team in the process without Gordon. As with everything else, only time will tell.

James Tillman



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