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Impact of Gordon's Departure

By Mitch Heun:

There have been mixed reviews regarding the departure of free agent Ben Gordon. Many feel it is a sizable loss because of his scoring ability. Others feel he was just too expensive for what he brings to the table. I agree 100% with those in favor of his departure. 

As an avid Bulls fan and sticking with this team through the years, I always felt Ben Gordon was not the answer. Granted he did bail this team out of many losing situations, but his inconstancy spoke volumes. As effective as he was off the bench, he always wanted to start and that was apparent through his often sour attitude. In reality, Gordon was too small for the shooting guard position and not skilled enough to handle the point. To make a large investment in Gordon may have proven costly in the development of budding star Derrick Rose. Gordon wanted the ball and wanted to create on his own. When you have a point guard with the abilities of Derrick Rose, you create off him. 

This also means, come 2010 off-season, the Bulls will be in great position to lure in one of the big time free agents. This list includes but not limited to Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire, and LeBron James. Of course James is a bit of a pipe dream for many teams, but the other 3 are huge possibilities. 

Whether or not there is any truth to a recent rumor posted on the rumorpress.net blog, I find a Carlos Boozer trade to be very intriguing. Boozer has made his desire to get of Utah well known, and would be a great fit for the Bulls. Trading Tyrus Thomas to make this happen would not bother me at all. Boozer can score and rebound down low with the best of them, which is something the Bulls still lack. This would also allow them to avoid Stoudemire or Bosh and focus on bringing Dwayne Wade home. Imagine Rose, Wade, Salmons/Deng, Boozer, Noah....


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