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Should The Bulls Re-Sign Ben Gordon

After the Bulls fell in the seventh game to the Boston Celtics, the question that was immediately raised was whether or not they would consider re-signing Ben Gordon. There is no doubting the shooting guard's scoring ability as he shouldered the offensive load in several games against the Celtics and it may be fair to say that the series may have not made it to a seventh and final game if not for Gordon. He is a consistent 20 point per game scorer and one of the few players on the team who is capable of creating a shot for himself either off the dribble or penetrating. In other words, his offensive game speaks for itself.

On the the side of the argument, his defensive ability leaves a lot to be desired. In watching the playoff series against the Celtics, it was hard to believe how many times Ray Allen was able to get free time and time again for clutch jumpers from the outside. In addition to that, he is at best an average post defender. This brings about the question is it worth it to the organization to spend an excess of fifty million dollars on a player whose game is one-dimensional for the most part? As we already know, he turned down a five year deal worth around $50 million 2 years ago and again rejected the Bulls offer of a six year deal around the neighborhood of $58 million before signing a one-year deal prior to the season. That being said, how much money should the Bulls be willing to part with for Gordon. While I agree he is an essential part of the team as he and Deng are the two consistent scorers on the team, I am not sure if it he is worth the kind of money his agent will be asking for. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out when everything is said and done.

James Tillman


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