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Finding a Silver Lining in the Bulls Current Losing Streak

On the surface, the current Bulls 9 game losing streak seems to be coming at an inopportune time. After the all-star break, the Bulls were looking like they were a shoe in for the playoffs and were pushing for the five seed in the East. They now sit 2 ½ games out of the playoffs and with the Cavs coming to town tonight, one would expect their skid to hit 10.

Why might this be a good thing? Because now we can fire our coach this offseason. The hire of Vinny Del Negro was a bit puzzling from the day it was announced and he has seemed in over his head since his first game. He has been cursed out by Tyrus Thomas, seems to call the worst plays out of time outs of any coach in the league, has repeatedly had our best player on the bench at the end of close games, and oh yeah, up until a few weeks ago he was a complete success.

Last season he took over a team that had horribly underachieved the previous season and took them to the playoffs. This season he had us playing hard, we had one of the best defenses in the league, plus he allowed Chicagoans the opportunity to make countless “Charles in Charge” jokes the past two years. And if we made it to the playoffs as a 5 seed how could we have fired him? That was the problem. If we wanted to sign a top tier free agent this summer and become a real contender, how could we go on with Vinny. Could you picture Vinny pacing the sidelines in the NBA finals? Going toe to toe with Popavich or matching wits with Phil Jackson? Or how about telling someone like Dwayne Wade what he needs to work on?(not that I can picture Eric Spoelstra doing that either)

But our problems have been solved with this current skid(and rash of injuries). We will likely finish out the playoffs and with a losing record. That will leave the summer to take Chris Bosh out to Mortons and invite Dwayne Wade to throw out the first pitch at Wrigley Field rather than figure out what to do with our sometimes lame duck coach.

-Patrick Brady


  1. Charles in Charge jokes? Really?

  2. Maybe, since "he had us playing hard, we had one of the best defenses in the league", he really IS a good coach.

    Think about it.