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Why The Bulls Lose Games

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a ride or die kind of girl when it comes to the Chicago Bulls. Win or lose, I support them, and although lately they have been breaking my heart, I am still proud to show off my Bulls iPod case, proud to admit I have missed maybe three, at most, games this season, and proud to admit they are my favorite team in the league. The Bulls can do no wrong in my eyes, and I do not see that changing any time soon. However, with this said, the fact that they may not make it to the Playoffs this season kills me, and so, in hopes of perhaps rationalizing why this is, I have decided to explore the reasons behind their losses and have narrowed it down to four main problems: lack of confidence going into games, too much confidence during games, their age, and coaching.
For whatever reason, no matter who they are playing, or if they are coming off of a win or a loss, the Bulls have no confidence before a game. It is as if they have never played the game before, or as if someone had told them they knew for a fact that they could not win, as though the game was rigged. And I do not understand why. The team, though recently plagued with injuries, is loaded with talent from guards like Derrick Rose to forwards like Taj Gibson to centers like Joakim Noah. They should go into every matchup confident in both themselves individually, and in the team. They can play and they can win games. But me writing this and other fans agreeing is not enough. They must believe it too.
Conversely, when the Bulls are up in a game, whether it be in the first few minutes, at the half, or in the last few seconds, they get cocky, and ultimately end up sloppy with the ball. Of course it is a great feeling to see your team up by twenty, but that by no way means you should give up. Though the Bulls’ ten game losing streak earlier this season was painful, perhaps the worst moment of the year was the loss to the Sacramento Kings, a team that had been trailing by thirty-five at some point during the game. It is losses like that that the Bulls have to avoid and the only way to do so is to play hard from start to finish, no matter the score.
Personally, I believe the reason for both of these above-mentioned issues, stem from the fact that the Bulls are a young team. Derrick Rose, Taj Gibson, Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, James Johnson…they are still developing their skill and therefore although they are already doing a great job, they are not yet totally secure in themselves. Clearly something like this can only be solved with time, but I think that the first step is recognizing the facts, whether or not the thing in question, in this case age, can be helped.
Which brings me to my next point of Vinny Del Negro. In a way, he too is young, this being only his second year coaching in the league, but the amount of criticism he has received is still a cause for concern, at least for a fan like me. Though he did not get fired yet, there have been many rumors of his departure, and as much as I like him as a person, I may be ok with that. At this point, he does not seem to have a grasp on his team. Many of his plays seem experimental, as though the players and himself are not totally sure they will work, his leadership seems shaky, with a very emotional and at times weak seeming team, and in general he seems out of ideas with how to improve his team. For now I am still open to giving him a chance, being a NBA coach is sure to be hard work, but I hope he too is still open to the job. The last thing his team needs is a coach who no longer cares or thinks he has any solutions.
I do not know if the Bulls will be able to make the Playoffs this season, but in order to have a good season next year, they need to wrap their heads around these issues, and find a way around them. They have too many talented players and are playing for too great of a city to fail.

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