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As If Losing To The Bucks Was Not Bad Enough...

Yesterday, the Chicago Bulls played the Milwaukee Bucks, and as upsetting as the final score was, they may have lost much more than just that single game.
Going into last night's matchup, in terms of the Playoffs, the Bulls were two games behind the Toronto Raptors, trying to get the eighth and final seed of the East. Toronto also played last night, going against the Cleveland Cavaliers, ultimately losing, leaving the Bulls one win away from being tied.
The game started off strong, with the Bulls making almost all of their shots, and even more importantly, only taking smart ones. The players seemed confident, Vinny seemed calm, and the crowd at the United Center seemed sure it was going to be a good game. And it was, for a while. The problem began when the Bulls started turning the ball over after what felt like every possession. When this first began, though it was noted by just about everyone, it did not cause a problem, as the Bucks had a hard time making any baskets. The Bulls may have been letting the Bucks have the ball far too frequently, but being unable to do anything with it, the Bulls stayed in the lead for all of the first quarter, and much of the second. However, a few minutes before the half, things started to change. The Bucks had found their flow, and the Bulls had gotten even sloppier with the ball, and by halftime they were down by six.
As the game progressed into the third quarter, it was clear to see the Bulls' confidence had gone down, and not being a second-half team as it is, it became apparent that the Bulls probably wouldn't be winning. They did end up tied in the fourth quarter, at 63-63, but after a handful of missed jumpers and layups, they lost by five, making the final score 74-79.
Of course the loss itself was upsetting. Not only were we playing a mediocre team (despite their recent climb to the top) but we had started off strong and had once again let our depleted level of confidence get the best of us. However, it was the inability to catch up to the Raptors that really got me down. The Raptors had lost to the Cavs, and Bosh had fractured his face, yet the Bulls simply could not step it up to get that tie. With Bosh out tonight, the Bulls may still have a chance to catch up, but with their next opponents being the Cavs, I won't be holding my breath.

1 comment:

  1. That sucked, how do you loose to the Bucks without the Aussie in there. If it wasn't for the fact we have a shot at a big time free agent this off-season I would really be freaking out again about this franchise.