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The Bulls Perfect Off-Season

The Bulls have the perfect Off-Season by filling holes with needs and not superstars. Bulls fans are probably disappointed on swinging and missing on the LeBron James and Dwayne Wade sweepstakes. At the end of the day neither player would have been a good "fit" for this Bulls team. Both James and Wade need the ball in their hands to be effective, taking the ball out of the hands of the budding superstar Derrick Rose. Having either player added to the team would have caused teams to completely collapse their defense and daring the Bulls to shoot from the outside while at the time having no one to stretch the floor. Although signing one of them would create a huge buzz for the city of Chicago, the signings of Carlos Boozer and Kyle Korver are better basketball decisions.

Just hours before LeBron had his ESPN special the Bulls agreed to teams with Carlos Boozer for five years, $80 million. This move gives the Bulls something they have been lacking for several years, a low-post scorer. Boozer is also a great pick and roll player with a nice mid-range jump shot. Boozer also adds rebounding to the Bulls frontcourt and should be the perfect complement to Joakim Noah. Noah and Boozer are both great passers and rebounders. Noah is a true center that Boozer has yet to play with in his career. Shooting 54% from the field, averaging 17 ppg and 10 rpg is what Boozer is bringing to the Bulls.

The second addition of free agency for the Bulls is Boozer's Utah teammate Kyle Korver. This 6'7" shooting guard shot 54% from beyond the arc last year. He instantly becomes the Bulls best outside shooter and should see plenty of open looks from distance with Rose's drive and kicks and the attention that Boozer is going to command down low. Korver becomes a shooter the Bulls haven't had since Ben Gordon left via free agency a couple years ago. He comes as a much cheaper price tag than Gordon would have been as well.

The Bulls didn't win the top free agent sweepstakes in getting LeBron or Wade but in actuality they are better off not having won it. The Bulls upgrades put them as a top three team in the East and they should compete for the right to play for the NBA Championship next year.

-Matt Fox

1 comment:

  1. I agree I like getting Boozer and this team has enough personality with Rose and Noah they don't need to add a Lebron or Wade to much things up. I think we are on the right track and the way things have worked out so far in the East I am not so sure we aren't the team to beat this year. The Celtics getting O'neil does concern me a little.