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Bulls Stay Busy/Aggressive

    The Bulls have been anything but passive this off-season. In years past the Bulls have been criticized for not pulling the trigger on blockbuster trades for Kevin Garnett and Pau Gasol, also missing out on top-tier free agents of the past such as Tracy McGrady, Tim Duncan and Grant Hill. This off-season the Bulls have been aggressive in pursuing players to build themselves into title contenders. After "the decision" of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh all deciding to join the Miami Heat, the Bulls wasted no time in countering with their series of moves. Missing out on those three actually work was better for the Bulls on the court as you can read in a previous blog.

They signed Carlos Boozer to a five year deal worth $80 million. Boozer gives the Bulls the inside scoring presence they've lacked since they drafted Elton Brand out of Duke. This helps their half-court game by being able to dump the ball down to him and let him go to work. He also figures to become a great pick and roll partner with Derrick Rose. I think Boozer was the second best option behind Amar'e Stoudemire who the Bulls never really showed interest in for health reasons. Bosh was third on my list as he is "soft" inside and been referenced as the RuPaul of big men whereas Boozer is a physical bruiser. He's also a better rebounder than Stoudemire.

After inking Boozer the Bulls started targeting outside shooters. They turned to one of Boozer's now former teammates Kyle Korver. They signed him for $15 million over three years. Korver shot %54 from beyond the arc last season. He provides the outside shooting the Bulls haven't had since they let the Detroit Pistons grossly over pay the one dimensional Ben Gordon.

The Bulls then targeted restricted free agent J.J. Redick another sharp shooter from long distance. They signed Redick to an offer sheet worth $20 million over three years. They front loaded the contract in hopes that the Orlando Magic wouldn't be willing to pay additional luxury tax money and match the offer. A week after Redick agreed to the offer the Magic matched the offer, adding to their already sky high payroll.

After they missed out on Redick the Bulls went after another former Jazz member in Ronnie Brewer. Brewer is a 6'7" athletic wing player. Although Brewer doesn't have a great outside shot, %23 from outside to be exact, he's great in transition and finishing around the basket. He also defends his position well which is why defensive minded coach Tom Thibodeau wanted him. People might ask how you can pair him with Rose. A year ago Rose worked his tail off to improve his mid-range jump shot. This year he has put in work on his three-point shooting and has more confidence than ever from downtown. If he can knock down the three like he did in the mid-range he will wreck havoc on opposing defenses next year and making playing alongside Brewer a non-issue.

The Bulls didn't stop there. They did a sign-and-trade for C.J. Watson of the Golden State Warriors. The Bulls surrendered a second round pick to the Warriors for Watson who will likely back up Rose but can also play both guard positions. Watson has shown to be an explosive scorer when given the chance. He had a 40-point game and multiple 20-point games for the Warriors last season despite playing behind Monte Ellis and Stephon Curry.

There are also rumors out there that the Bulls are taking a look at Tracy McGrady. They want to make sure he's healthy and can contribute as well as being able to accept a diminishing role. McGrady had trouble accepting the fact that he wasn't getting the minutes he was used to getting in Houston once he returned from his knee surgery. The Bulls plan to work McGrady out and see if he has the potential to contribute to this team; it sure would be an interesting match. McGrady once was one of the league's most prolific scorers, after a couple knee surgeries the question is what does he have left in the tank?



-Matt Fox





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