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No Wind Behind McGrady’s Sail

    The Chicago Bulls showed some interest in signing former all-star Tracy McGrady. Before the workout to see if he was healthy (one of two Chicago's prerequisites) it seemed as though McGrady would have to be crippled in order to not get signed. He thought it was also a slam dunk that he would be signed by using words such as "we" when referring to how much talent the Bulls roster had. Also saying he likes "our" chances in the east with him joining the team. McGrady got ahead of himself. He failed the second prerequisite with his mouth when addressing the media after the workout. The former all-star whose production has slipped each year since 2003 still has the mentality of a player who can carry a team. In order to do that one would have to stay on the court something McGrady has struggled with his whole career. McGrady has only played more than 70 games six out of his 13 seasons in the NBA. The Bulls were hoping McGrady would accept a bench role. His comments after the workout all but sealed his fate by saying he wants to fight for a starting job on this team. This is exactly what the Bulls didn't want to hear.

    They didn't want to hear that from a fully healthy McGrady. They sure didn't want to hear that from this McGrady whose workout was far from spectacular. Reports say McGrady shot the ball well but his movement didn't look like the movement of the superstar McGrady. Since 2003 McGrady has played more than 70 games just twice and has dipped just about every year. In 2003 McGrady's scoring average was a league best 32.1 ppg. In 35 games in 2008 he put up half of the production by average 15.6 ppg. Is this a guy who should be looking to start for a young athletic team? Absolutely not, he should come off the bench and provide the outside shooting and occasional play-making that could help the Bulls immensely. If the Bulls still decide to sign McGrady despite his urge to start he will most certainly come off the bench. The second unit would consist of C.J. Watson at point guard, Kyle Korver at shooting guard, Tracy McGrady at small forward, Taj Gibson at power forward and Kurt Thomas at center. That's a second unit as good if not better than any other team could currently put together.

    In order for this to happen though McGrady is going to have to swallow his ego and come off the bench. If he wants to look at an example of what not to do in this situation, he should just call Allen Iverson and ask him what he's up to these days.

1 comment:

  1. I would have thought by now Tmac would have recognized where his career is at, but pride is pride. He might not believe he should be starting but as a competitor feels he needs to express the desire to. When you think about it is hard to train to be the best you can be to come off the bench, it is easier to train to be the best with the mindset you want to start.