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If it is not broken, do not fix it.

This Bulls team is one of the most exciting I have seen in the post dynasty era. Not only is this team talented, they are built on team chemistry, and strong coaching. Tom Thibodeau is proving to be an excellent hire as the new head coach and they have their own big three in Derrick Rose, Carlos Boozer, and Joakim Noah; each of these players is a team leader and selfless. This team is young, has nothing to lose, and is getting hot at the right time.
Tom Thibodeau’s game plan largely relies on team defense and chemistry, and the current roster of the Bulls has completely bought into this philosophy. They currently rank third in the league in defense, allowing their opponents to score 92.34 points on average every game.
This coaching philosophy only works if you believe defense trumps offense.
The Bulls dynasty teams could score at will, but their reputation was built on their defense. From their best player down to the worst, their team played as hard as possible on the defensive side of the ball, reputedly even at practices. This modern Bulls team is starting to show a shared intensity towards defense and desire to win, willing to put in the work and overcome one obstacle after another.
This intensity stems from the team having great chemistry and playing hard for one another. Rose and Noah seem to be at the spear head of this mentality, deflecting most public praise and preaching mind over matter and hard work as being the team keys. These two players have also selflessly bought into their new coaches plans, helping ease the transition and leading even to success through different challenges the season has already thrown their way. .
There couldn’t be a worse time to trade for a player like Carmello Anthony.
One of the stipulations surrounding trade rumors between Chicago and Denver has been that Joakim Noah would need to be involved in the trade. Anthony has gotten better at rebounding this year but is nowhere near the defensive player that Noah is, and is not much of a team leader. A player like Noah plays a vital role in this defensive philosophy and to trade him would completely disrupt the unit. Noah may mean more to the Bulls chemistry on the bench, hurt, than Anthony would mean on the court.
If Derrick Rose wasn’t playing at an MVP level the Bulls would have likely been derailed by injuries at this point of the season. Though they just now got Boozer back (and he has been out for much of the season) and Noah has been out for over a month, the Bulls keep winning, and Rose has been carrying the team. There isn’t a more exciting player to watch in Basketball right now. The way that he attacks the rim is reckless, insane, and awesome all at the same time, and not only that, he has been sinking clutch perimeter shots.
The knock on Rose after last season was that his outside shooting was subpar. Knowing this he worked hard in the offseason and improved his game, and the results are evident. His field goal percentage this year is .445 while his three point percentage has been .378, while last year he shot a field goal percentage of .489 and shot a three point percentage of .267. The fact that last season his field goal percentage was higher than this season is a direct result of his game evolving, as he is attacking the rim less often. This seasons fg percentage of .445 is still more than respectable while he has raised his three point percentage by over one hundred points.
This dedication to improve a weakness or flaw in his game is admirable in such a young player.
Rose has been more than impressive as a team leader on and off the court. His team commands respect by playing hard every minute of the game, and playing the game with the respect it deserves. No other point guard in the league means more to their team than Rose, and he plays with modesty, an incredible trait in the modern NBA. .
This is a young Bulls team, led by an even younger team captain, and both are beginning to peak at the same time, and it seems to be an opportune moment in the East. The other key teams are either old and should fade as the season gets deeper (Celtics) or dealing with even more injuries than the Bulls with a much more fragile clubhouse (Heat) while the Bulls are just now close to being completely healthy, and just keep winning. There aren’t many teams in the NBA that play a more exciting or team oriented game, and if things continue this way, and the core unit of the players stays in tact, who knows how high the ceiling to their talent level and potential goes. –J.Gierty-
On a side note, a player as dedicated and humble as Rose can be awfully refreshing to watch play, and will be hard to take for granted after Cutler’s antics yesterday in the NFC championship.


  1. Once again you are thinking like a small mind fan. The same kind that wouldn't trade for Kobe because Deng was in the deal. Big teams make big moves and if the bulls can get a super star for a 10-10 guy you do it. End of story! The team looks good but they are not championship caliber. Everyone knows that!
    They struggle against sub par teams and they are not dominant. They have been winning but they are not dominating like champions do. Get Carmelo! It would be a dream to have rose, boozer, and melo. Think about it and stop being a wimp!

  2. I agree big teams make big trades, look at KG. Second I haven't heard anything bad about Carmelo as a person I think he would fit in fine.