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Pax, Please Pull the Trigger for Once!

I am a Bulls fan. Plain and simple, I want the Bulls to win the NBA championship every single year. Therefore, when a seemingly once in a lifetime player wants to play for the Bulls, I am all for it. The only problem, it seems, is that they don’t.

The Nets dropped out of the “Carmelo Anthony Sweepstakes” yesterday. Melo’s camp is trying to get the Bulls back into the mix. Why wouldn’t the Bulls jump at the chance? This is a top five player in the league that could help put the Bulls over the top. His career averages of 25 points and six rebounds would fit right in as the small forward for the team, just like it would everywhere else in the league. There is only one small forward out there I would take over Anthony, and he has already decided to take his talents to South Beach.

The Bulls cannot pass on this opportunity. They have so many times before. What team has ever had this many chances at landing great players? From botching deals to get Pau Gasol for Deng and Paul Pierce for Ben Gordon to missing out on Kevin Garnett and of course, Kobe Bryant, the Bulls have missed these chances so many times. Granted all of those trades would have involved creative packages, but the were all there to be had. They all wanted to come to Chicago. John Paxson’s inability to make the big trade has defined his legacy as a Bulls executive. Outside of lucking into being able to draft the best point guard in the league, what big moves has he made? He as drafted pretty well, and then fallen in love with his guys to the point he thought they were better than they really were. He overpaid Deng and Hinrich, and he tried to overpay Ben Gordon. These were all once very good trading pieces that were kept until they became average to slightly above average players.

Now he has the chance, along with Gar Foreman, to cement his legacy and bring the Larry O’Brien Trophy back where it belongs. Give the Nuggets whatever it takes. Don’t take us through this “We are good enough to win as we are constructed” crap. You’re not! The Bulls cannot win a title as they are presently constructed. They cannot beat the Heat. They probably can’t beat the Celtics or Magic in a seven game series. With Anthony, they can. So give them the number one draft pick each of the next two years. Give them Deng, James Johnson, or whomever they want not named Derrick Rose. Noah is here to stay because of his contract extension. Boozer is as well. Beyond that, open up the cupboard and tell Denver to choose. It is time for Paxson to get creative and create his legacy. It is time for the Bulls to get back to the top of the NBA. It is time for Carmelo Anthony to be a Bull.


  1. Melo is a selfish arrogant punk that is no need on this team. They have their superstar time to fill the team around him. If we trade for Melo then we give up a much needed bench and still have a huge hole at the 2. This trade does nothing but cause havoc. For once the Bulls are on the right path they don't need Melo to contend look at what Rose has done with Boozer and Noah out for extended amounts of time. If you get a good 2 this team is very good for a long time and definately championship worthy. We have the players to beat the Heat with a good inside game. The Heat can't contend with Boozer, Noah and Taj inside. Bosh is just as good as feces on D and Noah can guard him all day down low. Melo is lazy on D and a ball hog on Offense. You need to get a player to play alongside Rose not this selfish jerk. Those other scenarios were different because the Bulls were looking for their superstar not people to play alongside a championship caliber team. This team is as good as any right now and when healthy can definately contend with Heat, Celtics, Magic and any other team you want to mention. Plus this team is young they will only improve. They need to find that 2 guard to go along Rose and this team will thrive for years to come especially since all of their players are hardworking and talented. This team is 1 piece away not a whole face change away like getting Melo and also no guarantee he stays no reason to take that risk. Melo is sloppy and unmotivated. He has no place on this Bulls team. There is no reason to break it up when it has just started to click for the Bulls.

  2. Wrong get it done, sometimes you need to be bold like the Celtics getting KG.

  3. The first comment is accurate in that the Bulls certainly have a nice team and could stand pat. This team will definitely improve, but that will probably not be good enough to beat the top teams in the East. I live in Colorado and have watched Melo's overall game improve each year. The last thing he is is a selfish jerk/arrogant punk. He is a good passer and improves his rebounding each year. He is one of the 5-toughest players to guard in the league. He is a clutch scorer when the game is on the line. His biggest fault is he does not move as well without the ball as he could. I think Melo would be open to signing an extension with the Bulls if they could make the numbers work. As a Nuggets fan, I would like to see a trade happen with the Bulls, although for all the posturing, I still think the Nets will make another run at Melo. - Dave Bruning/nuggetsmix.com

  4. I don't think any of you understand that this deal cannot and will not get done. The Bulls don't have enough to offer Denver (they will not take Deng's contract). Just let it go and enjoy the team you're watching...they're pretty damn good.

  5. Make a move for a top 5 player in this league who is a superstar for a 10-10 center. End of story. Rose, Melo, Boozer equals powerhouse. You guys against this are probably the same ones who didn't want Kobe because Deng was in the trade. Unreal.

  6. no the people who are against it are the people that actually watch the bulls. not people that hear a name like a "kobe" or a "melo" and go running with everything we have. Rose, Melo, and Boozer are all good players, but that trio is not a powerhouse on one team with NO big man. Rose cant gaurd a center, Melo plays D when he wants to, and Boozer simply (as much of a bulls fan as i am) hate to say, cannot play the defense needed to be the only big man in the hole. Its not as simple as "a top 5 player for a 10-10 center". its more like a high scoring, high profiled NAME for a team leading, high energy big man that we simply cannot afford to let go. and on the other hand, people are talking like Luol Deng needs to be shipped out of chicago at any chance or offer, not realizing Luol is having an all star caliber year.

  7. @January 28, 2011 11:14 pm, you're unreal if you think Kobe was going to come here to be a part of a subpar Bulls team, at the time. Kobe simply used the Bulls to make LA think he would leave. Stop it with that Kobe nonsense. He a Laker for life. Melo was only willing to go to the Knicks!!! Period. Even the Nets couldn't get him to sign the extension and they on the east coast. The Bulls made an offer but were never in the conversation. Noah's contract would not allow for a trade and Denver wouldn't take Deng. The Bulls are playing exciting, great ball. Enjoy it. If a good shooting guard becomes available and he makes sense within Thibs system, I'm certain they will work it out. Remember they built this team, the one that's playing .700 ball.