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Should The Bulls Trade for Melo?

    Would you trade for a small forward who scores six more points per a game than your current starting small forward? Oh and throw in your starting center who is a walking double-double and a defensive presence in the paint. We're not done yet throw in a key bench player, a couple draft picks and the small forward you're trading for makes six million dollars more a season than your current starter. How many people can honestly say they would make this trade?

    If you put names to it then some Chicago Bulls fans think that this is the key to the Bulls contending for a championship this year. The big trade some Bulls fans are calling for just seems ludicrous to me. Trading for Carmelo Anthony is the biggest mistake the Bulls could make this season. Even if the trade were Anthony for Luol Deng straight up, I'd still be hesitant to pull the trigger. Then you add in Joahkim Noah, possibly Taj Gibson and some draft picks and I say you're out of your mind. If you compare Anthony's and Deng's numbers this season the biggest difference comes in the PPG category. The difference in PPG is exactly six. Anthony scores six more PPG while also shooting five more shots a game. That's five shots a game that you have to take away from someone the Bulls aren't going to trade. Is one PPG worth a million dollars in the NBA?

    The Bulls currently rank third in points allowed per game. That would certainly drop off with the acquisition of Anthony who is a sub-par defender. In that trade the Bulls would be giving up a better defender in Deng and one of the league's best defenders in Noah.

Carmelo is just a bad fit for this Bulls team. He doesn't stretch the floor, shooting only 29 percent from 3-point land and only 31 percent for his career. He's a reluctant defender. Anthony's scoring comes mostly from him going one on one with his defender. He doesn't always seem to be playing his hardest every night.

Deng is a much better fit for this Bulls team and here are the reasons why I wouldn't even just swap the two players. Deng has improved his 3-point shooting this year. Although his percentages wouldn't suggest that, he's already shot more three's this year than he has in the last four season and connecting on 35 percent. As a scorer Deng is more apt to cut and spot up than to go one on one with his defender. The Bulls already have a player that can break down the defense by going one on one if need be in Rose. Deng is also one of the best defenders at his position in the league fitting perfectly with Tom Thibodeau stresses the most…defense. I don't believe I've ever

The Bulls are rolling right now they shouldn't disrupt their chemistry too much. What they should do is trade for a starting shooting guard to plug in place of Keith Bogans who has no business starting on any NBA team. This talk about trading for Anthony should have been dropped by now with the Bulls winning ways.

-Matt Fox


  1. Once again here is another small minded bulls fan who for some reason falls in love with a little than above avg players. Carmelo is a young super star! Period! He is a top 5 player in this league and would give the bulls a scoring machine who has been rebounding better and plays descent defense. I would put him up against Lebron any day. This bulls team is not championship caliber. We would get a super three like Miami with rose, melo, and boozer. Stop acting silly! This same thinking is why we didn't get Kobe because guys like you didn't want to include deng.

  2. Melo plays when he wants. Deng is a better defender and fits better with this team and in this offense. Melo scores better than Deng because he is the focal point of their offense. He's a terrible outside shooter which is exactly what we don't need. We need guys who spread the floor around Rose. If you have espn insider do yourself a favor and read this article http://insider.espn.go.com/nba/insider/news/story?id=5439653. Melo is a great scorer because he takes more shots than anyone else in the NBA per 40 minutes.

  3. Melo is a super star!!! Period! This is Deng's first good year in 3 years. Deng will never want the ball in his hands if the game were on the line. Melo is a beast who would be a great stud next to Rose. You have got to be kidding me, putting Deng anywhere near Melo in comparison.

  4. Deng really man, I have to agree with the last guy. I don't know if we should trade for him and thanks for the debate but Deng can go.

  5. Building on what I said Carmelo put up 50 pts and 11 rebs last night. This guy is a machine and a super star. Trade Deng, Noah, 1st round and let's go with Rose, Melo, Booze, Gibson, and K Thomas to compete for a championship. I would put that squad up against any team. Period!

    1. AND WHO'S GOING TO PLAY CENTER ??????????? C'MON !

  6. give the nuggets Deng,Johnson a 1round this year. and 2 second next year. Maybe a nother 1 rounder.But that would be it no more than that.

  7. thoughs like some of the ones ive been reading on here is why i now understand that everyone does NOT have the GM bug and NBA 2k11 has made everyone crazy. theres something called team chemistry, and Melo has never had it (besides team USA). he takes plays off (several a game) his defense could be great but hes a lazy uninspired player, and all he cares about is scoring. NY is a perfect fit for his skill set but in terms of what we NEED for how OUR team is built, a ball chucking mega scorer is the wrong fit. Deng is the perfect fit so yes I would take him over Melo for us.

  8. So can you actually tell me that this is a championship team? No! End of story! The bulls need another go to guy and Carmelo is a top 5 player. I like the team, but they are not elite nor a dynasty. Don't let above average players hold us back. Get Melo!

  9. Melo ONLY wanted to play for the Knicks period!! The Nets couldn't sign him to the extension, they didn't want to rent him for the remainder of the season. If the Nets had no chance and they are near NYC, the Bulls weren't in the conversation. Face reality. Get over it.

  10. Trading for Melo would have involved blowing up the Bulls yet again. Denver was never going to take just Deng and a few picks. They refused what the Bulls were offering. And that isn't a trade a 38-16 team, that is number 3 in the conference, doing much better than predicted by most even makes. Period. No matter what the thinking is here, Plan B has worked well and has been a definite upgrade in talent. That's huge considering management was shut out of James/Bosh/Wade/Reddick/Johnson sweepstakes. They still managed to make gains. Their choices weren't perfect but it takes time to build a contender. Rose is only in his 3rd year. Unless they find a 2 that can put them over the top while losing very little in terms of players and chemistry they should wait for the off season to see who is available.

  11. The Timberwolves are in last place and the Knicks are playing break even ball. Those are the kind of teams that enter into these kind of deals mid-season not teams winning 70% of their games like the Bulls.

  12. @the first poster. Sorry buddy, Kobe never wanted to come here in the first place he used the Bulls. Period! Our thinking didn't stop the Kobe for Deng trade, logic did. That version of the Bulls was AWFUL. Kobe wanted no parts of that. Kobe toyed with the Bulls affections, used them as a bargaining chip to better his position in LA. So did Tracy McGrady. Now you Stop acting silly!!!

  13. Who wants to trade for Melo now that we're half a game behind the Celtics for the top spot in the eastern conference? Didn't think so. All the people that want Melo clearly haven't watched this team play and see how they've grown as a TEAM, not a bunch of individuals.